Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rock on Gold Dust Woman!

Welcome to 2012! If those pesky Mayans are correct I only have to blog for one more year.
I better get busy and make each post count. And what better way to get the year started then
doing a story about one of my closest friends and faux finishers, Suzanne Lynch. 

Suzanne is also a huge Stevie Nicks fan. So I thought I would start with something from Stevie
and found this gem from the gypsy herself:

"If you have stage fright, it never goes away. But then I wonder: is the key to that magical performance because of the fear?"

Now, I don't know Stevie personally (but you have my number-call me) but I don't think a 40 year veteran of the music scene has stage fright. The idea is more the fear of not giving your best and of disappointing your fans. THAT is what pushes you to excel and create magic.

THAT is a perfect description of Suzanne. The experienced professional that still worries that each job is done properly and that the client is more then satisfied.  She never takes a job for granted.

Suzanne is based in Johnson County, Kansas. She has done numerous award winning projects featured in magazines and an Extreme Makeover Home.

In fact, one of  her latest projects is profiled in the February 2012 issue of Kansas City Home and Garden Magazine. My scanner is acting up so pardon the glare in the pictures.

KCHG photo credit: Matt Kocourer

This is the pool house kitchen. Suzanne (assisted by Julie Reuter) helped the homeowner with this project.When the lovely homeowner realized how much better (and faster) a project goes with a professional in charge, Suzanne complete several more projects.

The Main Kitchen. Suzanne has always been an avid class taker. In fact, I value her and Julie's feedback very highly when it comes to class samples and real world applications. As finishers that follow the steps and don't short change on process or product, I know I can trust their opinions.

Love the green faux creme concentrate on the kitchen island.

Is that the Tavern Tortoiseshell finish I see on the cabinet? Anyone can do a small door in class.
Suzanne pulled it off beautifully in this home.  I photographed a home where Suzanne incorporated
several of the finished from our Rustic Elegance Collection Class. Here is the tour.

The Dining Room features a leather like plaster with a glazed ceiling.

This rich finish has a soft reflection from the application of Palette Deco Metallic Plaster.
In the living room, Suzanne completed the fireplace in one of her signature finishes.

Here is a close-up of the subtle texture on the wood.

The Hearth Room has my favorite application of Waxed Travertino ever.

In the kitchen I helped Suzanne with this warm barn island done in venetian plaster that is stained and aged.

The powder bath is the Sun Vally Foil finish. Julie came in and layed out the pattern thus beginning a new business partnership (really a faux marriage-you guys that work with a partner know what I am getting at).

This is also a favorite. Suzanne and Julie did this finish many times for happy clients.

Lots of levels were harmed in making this finish!

Downstairs, Suzanne completed several projects in the game room and the theater room.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Faux Tin Tile Ceiling.

Sandstone textured walls in the Theater.

Upstairs, Suzanne applied one of her signature finishes in the Master Bath.

I hope they are careful in the shower. I know I hate getting shampoo in my wine!

Suzanne and I have had many professional and
personal adventures in our years of friendship.
We've shared lots of laughs (and a few tears) along the way. 
Girlfriends....Always On the Edge of Seventeen.

I always thought that was a "white winged dove" but it is a Cockatoo!
Oh Stevie-you crazy chick!