Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Walking through the Open Door.

With so many changes going on, I've neglected my blog. Writing and sharing my passion for creativity are very important to me.  Well, now I get to do that more. Because sometimes fate and being prepared to seize an opportunity presents itself.

The coming weeks will bring changes to my web-site and blog as I create a hub for the those interested in the decorative arts. Hey, we made it this far-let's see where the trip takes us!

Opportunity. Over 20 years ago I was a very creative type stuck in a good but boring job. I wanted, no I needed something more that gave me the chance to express myself. And in my search to change my life, I found Faux Effects.  From my introductory class, to using the products and then completing my first project, I knew I’d found my true calling.  I’m sure this sounds familiar to many of you.  Because the real story of Faux Effects isn’t just about the water-based environmentally friendly products. Or the network of skilled instructors. I can’t discount the versatility and range of the materials. Of course, all those things matter and set the company apart. The real story I think is the thousands of people like myself who have discovered the decorative arts through Faux Effects and had the opportunity to create a small business. 

I quickly started my own thriving commission business and discovered how easily I could match the client’s desires to a finished project given the range of products I had to work with. How can you be stumped when the combinations of material, color and technique are endless? Every time I got my Faux Effects boxes was exciting and I couldn’t wait to get to the job site. Because of this success, I was able to hire people creating jobs for other artists. But after several years, fate stepped in. I had a series of injuries that severally limited my ability to work in the field and I thought I might have to quite the job I loved.

Opportunity.  Once again Faux Effects had a chance for me to evolve my career. This time I was able to combine my years of experience as a program manager and trainer from my previous life with instructing others in the decorative arts. Along with Bruce Slaton, we built Surfaces and became a training and retail center for Faux Effects. Surfaces allowed me to work with amazing established talent while developing artists of the future.  So many people discover Faux Effects through a life changing moment. A divorce or a job loss. Children going to school or the crushing need to be your own boss. I had the pleasure of spending time with the Sandor family and the other studios. People I only knew through books, videos and television shows, I actually got to meet and now count as friends because of my relationship to Faux Effects. But the best part? Working with individuals to become successful entrepreneurs. Every day I see a Facebook post, a Pinterest board or an Instagram picture from someone using products and techniques learned in a Faux Effects class.  For 16 years we had Surfaces, until Bruce became ill.

Opportunity. Once again my life changed but that’s how things go.  Look out how much our industry has gone through? We became so successful at the Tuscan Style, faux finishing became synonymous with Old World. Unfortunately, its been a hard image to shake. We were hit with the great recession which effected the housing/construction market most of all. Talent left our business for a variety of reasons: the economy or aging out. Younger people have been slow to embrace our art form. New and exciting social media platforms have replaced older methods of information sharing. We are entering the age of the Collaborative Community. It all sounds big, over-whelming but exciting. Faux Effects is ready for the challenge and so am I!

I’m pleased to announce that I will continue my long relationship with Faux Effects as their new Director for Marketing and Public Relations.  We’ve been working on a strong plan to help our customers meet the challenges of this new market place. Over the coming months, you will see many exciting things to help you grow your business and hopefully contribute to revitalizing our industry. I’m grateful to continue working with our talented network of instructors and related industry professionals. Our desire is to re-ignite a passion for the decorative arts with homeowners, designers and builders to sustain our current finishers and develop new talent. And best of all, I may focus my abilities on an industry I love with a company I believe in while taking care of my personal life. And that  is what opportunity is really all about. Thank you to Faux Effects for allowing me to continue my journey and I look forward to the road ahead.