Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Leaves

Let us contemplate the LEAF in design
What is the meaning of this?
Did you know that a single leaf was a sign of happiness in ancient times
And modern day Colorado?
My "Summer Leaves"  wall is inspired by the many dresses from the spring/summer runway shows that featured leaf motifs.
Temperley London

                                                             Alexander McQueen

House of Rebecca
The base of my finish is Faux Effects Silver Palette Deco that is troweled in a high/low coat.
This is a beautiful acrylic metallic plaster.

Palette Deco usually dries well within 2 hours. I have noticed with humidity and air conditioning it make take longer. The surface should not feel tacky before you proceed to the next layer which is Lusterstone Tint Base.

I am applying the Lusterstone Tint Base by putting it on with the blade almost flat to the surface and then pulling the Lusterstone tight with the trowel edge.

And yes, I use Faux Effects products in my demos. It is what I teach, sell, and know. So if you want your project to look like mine that is what you have to use.  I can't tell you what using other product lines will look like or how to get this look some other way.

The Lusterstone over the Palette Deco is a very pretty finish.
Next I apply my leaves. I buy skeleton leaves from Save On Crafts. They are also available at Easy craft. These are delicate leaf fossils that come in a variety of colors, metallic, sizes, and styles.
There are several ways to apply leaves to plaster. One is to trowel the plaster, stick the leaf in, and trowel some more product over it.  I didn't want to loose the metallic sheen of my leaves, which are gold, silver, and a few natural. You can also use the leaves the make impressions in wet plaster.
I rolled a thick coat of C500 Satin in areas and stuck the leaves in.  You can gently roll over the leaves with a separate dry roller head-a wet roller head picks up the leaf.

Arranging the leaves is most of the challenge. Once the leaves are wet they become fragile. I would layout an idea on a styrene board and photograph before sticking in leaves willy nilly.  Each pack of leaves comes with 15-20 pieces.

I like to group more at the ceiling line and have them trail down the wall.  When the leaves are dry-overnight is best-mix more C500 Satin with our Bright Gold Laser Cut Fine Glitter.

I select a pattern that is gentle and will fade in and out around the leaves. This is Swirl City Reverse Stencil from Wallovers Stencils.

I think we have loved this pattern to death! Time to re-order.  I roll my glitter C500 over the pattern not worrying if I have 100% of the pattern filled. The glitter won't offload solid in this application.

The C500 Glitter should dry over-night. The next day I glaze with 1 pint Aquacreme (Faux Crème Clear if you are a gold label user) mixed with 1/4 cup Dark Brown Faux Crème Color. Your glaze will bead up slightly but pad it with a cloth to soften.  The colored glaze will highlight and darken the leaves slightly and bring out the glitter pattern. You do not need to seal the finish again.

Palette Deco covers about 250 square feet per gallon and the Lustersuede for the tight trowel covers 300 square feet. C500 rolls out almost 400 square feet.

And that "leaves" my post for the day!


Hopefully this finish grows on you!
(Don't worry, I won't quite my day job)