Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finishing Acts is our on-line blog of decorative finishing projects, the people we know, and the products we use. The idea for Finishing Acts came from our experience posting for on-line forums where we enjoy sharing our pictures, our recipes, and technical support for our product line, Faux Effects. With so much information, it would be easy to monopolize a single thread. Plus we don't want to spend our time arguing or defending why someone should use our products or techniques over someone else’s. So, we decided to create our own focused blog to support individuals who enjoy our work, desire inspiration, and use Faux Effects products. For over 2 years, we have been photographing a wide range of home and commercial work to share with you. All DIY posts use the Faux Effects Silver Label product line which is available to anyone.

Our monthly posts are divided into 6 categories:
Before and After We show you a wide range of makeovers on a variety of surfaces. Nothing is safe from getting a faux job: floors, fireplaces, shower tile, cabinets, and sinks included. Each project is explained in easy to follow directions and pictures.

Random Samples: For years, we have created finishes based on the usual materials (fabric and paint swatches) and the unusual (salt shakers and garden plants). The challenge is using product and tools in fresh and creative ways that artists can sell. We invite you to send in a picture of your Random Sample and see how we interpret it into a decorative treatment.

Faux and Film: Have you ever found yourself more entertained by the set design then the actual movie? Our minds wander too. Grab some popcorn and join us as we translate great movie backdrops into finishes you can use in your portfolio.

Product Smack down: Why does Faux Effects have so many products? Why do they all sound the same? Is one product a better fit for a project then another? We've worked extensively with the line for more then 13 years in hundreds of commercial and residential situations. As new products are introduced we put them through our own performance testing. Each month we will provide a scenario project and match-up two potential product choices to battle out which is the winner (the best choice for that project).

Featured Finisher: The best thing about our job is meeting so many talented people and having the opportunity to view their work. You will recognize universal challenges, complaints, and successes as our artists share their career experiences and projects.

Totally Trendy: What's the latest buzz in colors, patterns, styles, and techniques?

About US

Rebecca is the co-owner of Surfaces School of Decorative Finishing and Fauxy Painter Clothing. Her husband Bruce owns the other half (the State of Kansas will back that up). She is Surface's lead instructor and teaches at studios across the country. Her work has been published in national magazines and newspapers including an AP story on Cabinetry. Rebecca's work was featured in HGTV's Paint Over and she has been a contributor to Kansas City's Living Large radio design program.

Ashley is an experienced finisher and Interior Design graduate. She worked with many Kansas City designers and builders before joining Surfaces as our Manager. Ashley is the cheerful (and patient) voice you hear when calling with technical support questions. Her creative designs put a new contemporary spin on faux finishing projects.

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