Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rusted Plaster Faux Finish

When talented finisher Mary Walker wanted some ideas for her own home, we jumped at the chance. First we get to see her wonderful home. Second, since Mary is a great hostess Ashley and I tour the home with wine and snacks. The fun and lively conversation with Mary and Dave is a plus-maybe we should pay them for the consult?

Mary wanted a dark based finished that would compliment this swatch of fabric and her deep olive toned carpet. She wanted to bring in some blue-green shading and continue the subtle metallic silver and gold shades found throughout the home. Mary used Lusterstone in many rooms and is open to using it again but would like to look at Venetian Plaster as well. The two rooms looking for a new finish are the office and the lower level entertainment area.

The lower level entertainment area has more square footage then the office project. Mary is looking for no more then a 3 step finish. We selected FE Venetian Gem in Black Onyx as our base. The Black Onyx may be applied over Dark Setcoat or 2 layers of a quality latex paint. Just like the Tribecca Bronze (Before and After Project 1) this plaster layer needs some highs and lows so the sea sponge and/or popping the plaster on with a trowel will work. 10%-20% of the base paint layer will show through. Venetian Gem sets relatively fast and for this finish the second layer may be applied the same day.

We thinned the FE Rust Kit Designer Rust and Rust Glaze and the FE Verdigris Blue-Green with Aquacreme. After brushing the 3 colors on at the same time, spritz the surface with water and pull tightly with a Japan Scraper. Soften the colors with a dry cloth. This is a linear effect but be careful not to create stripes of similar width. Brushing some areas wider, pulling the Japan Scraper across the surface, and varying how much water you apply will help the finish appear more “organic”.

To mute the finish and bring in a delicate metallic tone, we mix FE Wheat Metal Glow with Aquawax and trowel it tightly down over the Venetian. Aquawax may be thinned with 10%-20% Aquacreme to slow the dry time and make it sheer. Use a cloth to soften chatter as you work. Not only is the Aquawax the final color layer, it is also a durable topcoat.

The final sample with the fabric.  Mary is ready to tackle her lower level. Ashley and I can't wait to check it out-remember we work for wine and snacks!  Sources: Faux Effects

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