Friday, March 26, 2010



We just returned from Faux Effects Dallas where Ray showed us the latest additions to the Gold Label line. There are several new metallic finishes, an expansion of Lusterstone, and an exciting plaster epoxy. Ashley and I will attend training the first of May and start our own testing-I already have ideas for my own home. Because I like to play in the real world before I teach a finish, these products won’t be added to our schedule until Mid-Summer. That means the product release doesn’t jive with the scheduled classes where they would naturally fit.

If you attended our recent RS Crete and Rock-Kote class, you will be invited to a Free Update this summer on the new epoxy plaster. You will do some samples to add to your countertop and floor portfolio.

If you are attending the Artistic Plasters class the end of this month, you will be invited to a Free Update, also this summer, on the new Lusterstone, Luna, and Sharkskin line. You will also complete samples.

Consider these free updates, your “gift with purchase.”  We will announce dates by the end of April.

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