Thursday, March 11, 2010

Venetian Plaster One Day Class

One Day Classes: Venetian Plaster Portfolio
Blue Willow: Venetian Gem, Foil, Lusterstone, and Mad Stencilist Willow

Boxwood Shell: Venetian Gem, Crackle, and Stain

Glacier Ice:  Venetian Gem, Lusterstone, and Stain

Rhino Hide: Venetian Gem and Stain

Mannered Mesh: Venetian Gem, Lusterstone and Stain

Timberstone: Venetian Gem, Palette Deco, and Glaze

Verdi Shingles: Venetian Gem, Verdigris Kit, and Stain

White Washed Bark: Venetian Gem, Sandstone, and Glaze

The class went so well, Ashley added one more board.

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