Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lusterstone One Day Class

Surfaces’ Savers: The Lusterstone Portfolio

What if you could update your portfolio in just 7 hours? We know that color and design trends change faster then most people can take classes to keep up. And the economy effects both the client (how many layers will someone pay for?) and the artist (opportunity and class costs). With these realities in mind, Ashley designed one day classes around one best selling product used in seven different ways. Class cost: $250.

Feedback so far is very positive and the series will be repeated this summer. Over the next few weeks, we will post samples from the class. And let us know what classes you would like to see in the future!

The Lusterstone Portfolio started the series.

Empire Suede: Lusterstone and Lustersuede
 Ice Flow: Lusterstone, Foil, and Wax.
Empress Willow:  Lusterstone, Wax, and Stencil (Loft 101 Fandango)

Savannah Suede: Lusterstone, Lustersuede, and Stencil (Royal Design Floral Medallion)
Midnight Glow: Lusterstone and Faux Metal

Summerhill Sepia: Lusterstone, Specialty Foil, and Wax
Skeleton Leaf: Lusterstone, Lustersuede, and Racing Tape

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