Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tile and Countertop Makeovers: The Renew Class

So many things going on the past two weeks.  I am using the new Stone Decor and Luna to work on 3 cultured marble counter tops in our home.  During this time we hosted a birthday party for Ashley-Happy 27th to Ashley - and people used 1 of the sinks before it had cured-so far so good!  I also taught our Renew class.  We did 4 counter top, 4 large single tile, and 4 3X4 tile boards-in 2 days.  Here is a sneak peek at my counters and class samples.  I will post counter top sequences when I get them all done.  We are offering the class again later this summer.

This is the sample material we used for the 3X4 tile samples.  The larger tile started as a shiny white sample(cheeep).

The Antique Blade Runner tile.  This looks a lot like high end leather tile.  Sandy Gette did a cool one that resembled petrified bark-I should've got a picture.

The Bronzed Bee.  My "magic" plaster mix and Bomar's Bee.  Very easy but classic look.

Lita's Copper Stone Decor Counter Top.

Decor Stone Slate Counter Top.

The Decor Stone Back Splash. Looks and feels just like Tumbled Marble!

Fool's Gold Glass Tile.

Decor Stone Marble Counter Top.  This is before top coating.

Stone Decor Counter Top Close Up.

Cultured Marble Vanity 1.  This vanity is complete with a chip.
The chip is fixed and now the vanity sports a glamourous carved look.  Thanks Stone Decor! Bruce wanted me to add this relief to the sink-of course.  Uhmm-didn't happen but later I did add more "sparkle" to the sink area.  Still deciding on final top coat, fixture and what finish for the cabinet.

Bath Vanity 2 with a layer of Stone Decor over the cultured marble. 

A work in progress.  The best part of the Stone Decor is you may use other FE products that you already have-like Lusterstone to complete your look. 

The Lower Level Party Bath.  Again with the cultured marble! 

Now Oxidized Hammered Copper.  Made with Stone Decor.

I love this product.  You can skip sanding (you all know I hate that), priming, and applying Setcoat.  It sticks right to cultured marble, ceramic tile, epoxy, and plastics.  I mixed 1PINT of Stone Decor for the first layer of all 3 sinks.  I applied the Stone Decor to plastic ceiling medallions, fake molding, and a laminate tile.  The next day I sanded hard with 220 grit paper and nothing lifted.  I will use this product to transform my own entry tile that is a "fake" orange Mexican tile set in concrete.  It would expensive and messy (jackhammer anyone?) to remove.  Now it will be a sleek tumbled stone.  I am also using it for our cultured marble jacuzzi tub-wish me luck. As always, I will post the triumph (or the tragedy).

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