Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You say "Stone Decor" I say "Decor Stone" Let's work the whole thing out!

When I first read about this product it was called Decor Stone but the label says Stone Decor. This can cause ordering problems when you are looking up a product.  So, let's go with the label name, Stone Decor.
Whatever you call it in your head, call it good-I really like this product.  I found it performed well on all test surfaces, even under adverse conditions (like a party with lots of Blanca Sangria). But first, let's digress...

While reading Facebook, I noticed a discussion of RS Crete.  I read through the complaints and felt there was some valid criticism.  I have not had problems using it inside but I have had issues with 1 exterior job.  That being said, I have listened to similar interior and exterior complaints from our local finishers and even spent a Saturday working with one local pro to try and fix a job where multiple factors played out.  Why do I bring this up?  Because I think the Stone Decor addresses valid concerns about:
  • Product and time needed to prep a surface.
  • Durable and hard adhesion to a floor, tile, or counter top surface.
  • Cost factors.
First, let me get this out of the way, again.  This is a Gold Label product.  You need a class to buy it.  I am offering a free demo to students who attended a RS Crete Class or Rock-Kote Class here at Surfaces. Join us on Friday, August 13 from 2-4 pm to see the Stone Decor product.  If you are out of state and attended one of my Crete classes or attended an RS Crete/Rock-Kote class at another Faux Effects school, call us to find out about a discount to attend our 2 day Recycle Class in the Fall.  This class focuses on using the Stone Decor as a primary product with a variety of other things include RS Crete and Rock-kote topcoats.

Anyway...Stone Decor is a two-part epoxy plaster that sticks directly to tile, laminates, cement, and solid surfaces like cultured marble, real stone, engineered materials such as Corian and Zodiac. Do you hear me people: IT STICKS DIRECTLY!!!!  No Sanding, No Primetch (although I love Primetch), and No Primer or Setcoat.  I have tested it on 3 cultured marble counter tops in my home, on numerous tile surfaces, and real pieces of granite. L-O-V-E I-T.

There are specific steps in mixing, tinting, and applying.  I feed my three dogs (and Bruce) (and Ashley) partially from classes so I am going to keep this vague.  You may tint with all colorants but too much color interferes with the bonding properties.  Going dark with the Stone Decor won't happen with standard colorants.  I did find a way to get it dark and keep the bond hard:

This is my Dark (almost black) Slate finish in Stone Decor. The tile was white and shiny ceramic. A local finisher sold this for a covered loft patio. I banged it (hammer and screw driver) and used chemicals (Soap, Windex and Soft Scrub) on it and it held up great with only a 24 hour cure time.  If you drag something sharp on it you can scratch the topcoat-just like granite and most other solid surfaces-you won't see it in pictures but it is there if you look at the right angle in person-especially if the finish is dark.  I suggested felt on the bottom of the Patio Furniture. If there is a scratch, colorant will stick to the sealed Stone Decor.

I use the Stone Decor as a base coat for many finishes where a strong bond is necessary because the surface is unusual, non-porous, will get wet, or is a high traffic area.  I have used the Stone Decor as a middle layer for stone finishes where I want highs and lows (as in the slate).  I don't prefer it as a finish or final coat only because I think it feels and looks a little plastic.  A plastic look is fine for small Mosaic Tile-if it isn't glass a lot of it is plastic.

You can use many other products with the Stone Decor including all our plasters (I have not tried anything with lime).  And yes, I have used the RS Crete Fine as a finish coat for marble and stone looks.

We did this Tumbled Marble in the Recycle Class.  The Stone Decor allowed me to cut 3 steps from the previous way I did this money making finish.

Here is a counter in my own home:

I gave you the close-up of the chip. And here it is with the Stone Decor:

I sanded the next day. Hard. On the curved edges. And it didn't budge.  I finished with the Luna and Rock-Kote.  This is the picture before the High-Solid was poured. You will see that later as this bathroom progresses. I used the Stone Decor and the Luna to fill the chip.

Another counter top. I am so lucky that I don't have granite:

This cultured marble counter has a layer of Stone Decor on it.  The cabinet is finished in the Urban Red.  I didn't have to tape it off-the Stone Decor is surprisingly neat.  This is a close-up of counter in progress:

No special plasters or colorants are needed.  Stuff you have left over from other jobs will stick just fine. I did learn that the first layer of Stone Decor sets the stage for how flat your finish looks in the end.  The texture will mirror through several layers of other products.

Mid layer of the counter and sink with one layer of colors.  I wish I could tell you that you could make a surface look like real granite or marble in 2 layers-but that would be a big fat lie. When I have seen it-it looks like smooched plastic and snake tongues!  I did one coat of Stone Decor (no sanding or priming), two color layers, one veining layer, an over-glaze, 1 layer of Rock-Kote water based gloss epoxy and I sprayed a heavy coat of C500.  I could have stopped at any point and the finish looked good-but not great-this is my home after all.  I did get water on the finish at the Stone Decor layer and the color layer-no peeling.  Later I used alcohol and it lifted my color in one place but didn't effect the Stone Decor at all (Remember-don't Drink while you Faux! It's OK to Faux while you Drink!) I rolled the Aquaguard Gloss because I was too lazy to mix a Rock-Kote Kit and it looked good. This is great for durability and water but looks plastic to me.  I opted to spray because I can  I wanted one thick coat of C500 You will see this finished counter later when I do the shower tile.

My last counter: The Party Bath!

Yet another Cultured Marble Sink. Who thought this stuff looked good? I had no plan when I started except it had to compliment this:

My Rock-Kote Epoxy Floor and...

My Copper Tile Shower.  Both projects over all white shiny tile, BTW.
This is where the project gets cracktastic and I create a mess.

I tinted some Stone Decor in colors to match the floor and troweled it over the base. Then, because 4 colors weren't enough, I troweled in Palette Deco Copper at the same time.  I learned 2 things-Stone Decor does only tint to pastel (it did not dry down much darker) and you can add Palette Deco at the same time and it won't crack.  It looked like the Easter Bunny threw up on it. UGLY. So...

I made it Copper and loved it.  The next day we hosted an outdoor party and this was the main bathroom for guests.  I decided to seal the surface with Venetian Gem Gloss Coat because I wanted it back-filled, shiny, and sealed within 24 hours. No one said this would work-I just did it.  It filled it and made it shiny but when people ran water on it-the Copper Oxidized!

So it wasn't sealed so great.  I liked the fungus look but I don't want my guest getting a fungus when they washed their hands. And the Soft Soap ate a ring through the copper layer but didn't move the good ole Stone Decor. I scrubbed the whole surface hard and nothing else came up.  I reapplied copper to the ring and let it dry overnight. Then I rolled Water-based Glossy Rock-kote and the next day with C500 gloss.

And that is my tale of Stone Decor.  I mixed a pint of product from a quart kit (@$45 for the kit) and did the first layer on all three counters and still had 1/3 of a mixed cup left.  I used another cup to do the 4 colors of Stone Decor that I later painted over. Everything else used was left over product-no special plasters, colorants,or topcoats. Not more then a cup of a single product was needed. Overall it was easy to apply.
 Stone Decor works hard so you don't have to.

Come take a 2 day class and learn the new products.  I'm not begging but hey, I have hungry mouths to feed.


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