Monday, January 31, 2011

New 1 Day Classes

While you are waiting out SNOWPOCALYPSE 2011, check out our new series of One Day Classes.  Our Sandstone, Palette Deco, Venetian Gem, and Lusterstone classes have proven very popular with seasoned professionals, new decorative painters and homeowners.  We cover 1 product in 7 hours and show you 7 different ways to use it alone or in combination with other products. $250 for the class includes sample boards, products, and a written Step-by-Step curriculum.  Most of the finishes are production oriented-less steps and better product management = more room sales and increased profit.

Mitch did this beautiful dining room in a finish from the One Day Palette Deco Class
New: One Day Luna for Walls
Monday, April 18th or Monday, August 8th

Learn Faux Effect’s new production product, Luna, a brilliant and easy to apply plaster.  Most of the finishes take 3 steps or less to achieve the look found in very expensive designer wallcoverings. Some of the class samples:

I have used Luna in my own home to get a better feel for tinting, coverage, and durability.

Our front entry...for now.

New: One Day Super Hide Metallic for Walls
Tuesday, April 19th or Tuesday, August 9th

What if you could combine a real metallic with water-based products? You can with Faux Effects' new Super-Hide Metallic. The luminous colors may be used straight out of the bottle or as an additive to many plasters, glazes, and waxes.

Just like the Luna, I tested the Super Hide Metallic in my own house for this finish. 
These walls were Sandstone and then Lusterstone and now this.  Who needs insulation when you have Faux Finishing?

(If you would like to learn the Luna and Super Hide Metallic for unusual surface applications, such as tile and counter tops, take the 2-day ReNew, Reuse, and Recycle Class.  We show you how to use these products with Stone Decor and the Rock-Kote product line and give you in-depth instruction on surface specific prep and application techniques that are different from wall applications.)

In addition to the One Day Product, we also teach One Day Concept Classes in Foil and Waxes. This year we added the new Paper, Patina, Metallic, Bling, and Skins One Day Classes.

New:  One Day Patina Finishes
Wednesday, April 20th or Wednesday, August 10th

We will show you how to create realistic reactive finishes on a variety of products from the new Luna to foil.  From the palest smoked creams to the richest rusted irons, we cover a diversity of techniques to complete 7 samples suitable for walls, ceilings, and many home fixtures.

I love Patina Finishes so much, I did a whole counter top and sink:

New: One Day Paper Finishes
Thursday, April 21th or Thursday, August 11th

All I had to do was jot down some ideas, hand them to Ashley, and let her go to town.  She came up with beautiful finishes using minimal product and easy application techniques.  Create the paper in your home and spend a day installing at your clients.  The best place for a new paper finish is over an outdated wallpaper-no stripping required.

My Master bathroom is covered in a Putty Metallic Vinyl Wallpaper-that sounds hip but is really hideous. And it is stuck directly to the wall!  Ashley designed this paper for me:
She is such a clever girl.

New: One Day Bling with Guest Instructor Sue Hon
Monday, May 23rd
I admit to wearing frosted eyeshadow (what else would go with a Wham! big t-shirt?).  And like a bird, I am attracted to glittery jewels on occasion. But when it comes to wall finishes, I have little experience with assorted bling.  So I am turning this one over to Sue, who has done lovely finishes and developed several techniques for working with powders, glitters, beads, and leaf. Sue is working on 7 new samples but here are a few she has taught at Surfaces in the past:

New: One Day Skins with Sue Hon
Tuesday, May 24th

Sue's samples put a new spin on skins (and she sells sea shells at the sea shore).  She will show you how everyday inexpensive household items become faux finishing tools. The class covers Croc, Lizard, Dragon, Ostrich, Goat, Snake, and Toad. One is a new stencilwith new products. Two are old stencil favorites with a easy application technique and 4 samples require no sample at all.

I have the Lizard Finish on my Coffee Bar Counter Top.

New: One Day Mastering Metallics
Wednesday, May 25th

Metallics are the easiest way to update any interior.  In this one-day class, we will work with powders, foil, metallic plasters, waxes, and metallic colorant to complete 7 finishes pulled from our popular collection classes.  We’ve reworked the finishes to bring you the latest colors in the fewest steps.

One Day Color Theory with Brenda McPeek
Monday, May 9th
Brenda taught this wonderful class for years at Faux Masters and here at Surfaces in late 2009. We are excited that she will be offering it again before she teaches her 3-day RS class (May 10th -12th).  Brenda will lead you in multiple hands-on exercises.

Ashley and I are working hard to complete our final samples for 1 Day Cabinets and 1 Day Naturally Neutral Plasters.  Let us know what 1 Day Classes you would like to see in the future.  All One Day Classes are scheduled in clusters for the comfort of our out-of-town guests. Don't forget to ask about lodging at Casa Slaton-don't you want to see in person the crazy stuff I've put in our house?

Hope to see you in 2011!

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