Monday, March 21, 2011

Candy Coated Finish

Hope We don't get stuck on Molasses Swamp!

Our friend and fellow finisher, Kevin Anderson, asked for some help last week-and no it did not involve "Minnow" Shots! His client wants a very bright wall finish to go in a colorful powder bath.

This is the glass selected for the bath next to a more muted nuetral floor tile that has a slight yellow cast. The wall finish may have no brown shades in it. And did I say that the vessel sink is fushia!

Here is our sample.  Randomly painted Wunda Size followed by Bright Copper Foil.  Crimson Lusterstone tight troweled over  the foil. When this is dry, Palette Deco Gold in spotted in and tight troweled down. The whole thing is sealed with C-500 Gloss.

Here is the wall sample with the tile and the vessel.  The client decided this was "too formal" and selected a sample from a 1980's wallpaper book with a sponged finish and circles.

Who thinks that is crazy? Can I get a show of hands?  Looks like we all agree!

But don't worry Kevin, at least I can get that Minnow shot thing right!


  1. Gorgeous finish! I think that is the tile in my lower level bar area and Id love to get caught in Molasses swamp!!!

  2. eww... just hearing the words sponge finish!!! nuf said. Those people at lake ozark are crazy!