Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Little Bubbly in the Bathroom

"We think a little champagne makes over any bathroom!"

My client bought these very standard toilet paper holder and hooks for her new bathroom.  Most fixtures only come in dark bronze, black, brushed nickle, or stainless and she wanted something something special to go with the walls that brought out the apricot tones without being too copper.

This is the area where the fixtures will be placed.

Here is the toilet paper hook in a brushed satin nickle-pretty but boring.

First, I brushed the pieces with my trusty Prime Etch. I let this dry about an hour and then applied a second coat being sure to apply light coats to avoid drips and bubbles. This goes on sticky.

When the Prime Etch is no longer tacky, I brushed a coat of Wundasize over the pieces.  I let this set-up an hour and then applied a second coat for 100% coverage.  For the speciality foil, I wait at least 2 hours before applying the foil.  The Spotted Champagne Foil is a perfect choice for this bathroom as it already has a some silver-apricot undertones.

After applying the Spotted Champagne, I did a light wash with American Walnut Stain & Seal to age the surface.

The edges of the pieces are tipped with one of my favorite products, Faux Metal in Copper.  This is a lovely vibrant orange-based copper with lots of reflection.  I let the layer dry overnight and then I sealed them with a coat of Aquaguard Gloss.

The finished product.  What could be an easier to way to make such a big change?

Just let the client think you worked like a dog to get this done....

A little privacy, please!

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