Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Surfaces is having a baby...

Hangover, Warner Bros. 2009

We have had many exciting things happen at Surfaces over the years but this has to be the biggest. Yes, Bruce and I are expecting a bundle of joy...

...And this would be our package.

Thank goodness the universe has more wisdom then that! 
Ashley, the heart of Surfaces, is having a baby.

Many of you know Ashley. She patiently answers your questions, sends you your product, and teaches you the one-day classes.  Ashley has been with us for 5 years and we have shared many
fun times-Meeting of the Masters, Gary's Open House, IDAL and Maui...oh wait, she didn't go to Maui because she stayed and took care of our studio and our dogs allowing us to take our first vacation in 7 years.

Ashley is a part of our family

I've done many baby rooms in my career but none will be more important then this one.  So while Bruce builds a nursery in the studio (complete with 3 guard dogs), Ashley and I will wait 4 more weeks before we can get started with samples for this lucky little boy or girl's room. 

Congratulations to Ashley and Justin.  October will be here so fast!

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  1. We are sooo excited to and the dogs will now have some competition for SURFACES MASCOT this boy is gonna be a BEauty!!! and of Course were ALL waiting for that famous nursery!!!!!! MOVE OVER HGTV!!!!!! CONTRATS ashley we love you!!!! Sass N crew!!!!