Friday, August 19, 2011

Aloha, Namaste, and Ciao!

There are times when the English language is limiting. While "Hello" sounds bright and full of promise, "Good-Bye" has the ring of sadness and some how a more permanent ending. Other cultures have solved this problem by giving us wonderful words that express simply the complexity of human interactions. Aloha means both hello and good-bye but the word is also used to express affection, peace, love, and compassion. Namaste is used as a greeting but also a gesture of gratitude and respect. And Ciao? It is derived from a Venetian phrase that literally means "I am your slave" but now is said in the spirit of a promise of good will among friends and family members.

So Aloha, Namaste, and Ciao to Lindsay and Ashley!

Please help us welcome Lindsay Folsom. Lindsay has worked in the Kansas City area for many years both as an independent finisher and as a subcontractor with other area decorative painters.She has taken several Surfaces' classes and worked with many of the FE products prior to her employment at the studio. Lindsay is married and the mother to 3 small children.  She has already worked with me on several classes including Designer Walls I, a week of cabinetry, and ReNew, ReUSe, ReCycle. 

Ashley will be off on her new adventure the middle of September-busy getting ready for the arrival of Baby Calvin in Mid October. I know many of you are the recipients of Ashley's help (and patience) over the past 5 years and would like to express your best wishes. We invite you to join us for a Baby Sprinkle!

A Baby Sprinkle on
Friday, September 9th
between 3pm-5pm at Surfaces
Drop by for snacks and to share Congratulations with Ashley.

It has been a time of transitions at Surfaces and change is not always easy. But we look forward to working with Lindsay and seeing Ashley become a mom.

So, I will leave it with a parting quote from Seneca or the band, Semisonic (depending on whether you like you deep thoughts from dead ancient philosophers or one hit wonder bands)

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

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