Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Come and knock on our door..."

"Take a class that is new. Where the samples are hers, and hers, and his...Three's Company Too!"

(Three's Company, ABC Television)

I am excited to be teaching with two of the most talented people in faux finishing-Sheri Zeman and Gary Lord-at Sheri's studio in Chicago.  We've been working together for months to pull together a collection of complimentary wall, counter top, and cabinetry samples. This portfolio called The Design Collection will offer you whole room solutions.  Each instructor is teaching 6 different samples over 3-days. 

Here are some class samples:

This is one of Gary's Counter tops, which would look great with...

Sheri's beautiful beaded wall finish. And you could finish the room with...

My Lenox Linen cabinet finish.
This finish has sold well in Kansas City and added bonus-it is a production finish!

Sheri understands that many clients are asking for lighter finishes. This sample's subtle movement would be attractive to clients that want neutral but not boring. Of course with a delicate wall...

You may go a little more dramatic on the flat counter surface.  I created this sample to go with the earth tones in Sheri's stencil and the copper of Gary's finish.

I liked this sample so much I used it to re-do my lake house doors and the plastic shutters.

This is a lovely smooth plaster from Gary that I really liked paired with my Gramercy Park Cabinet.

Gramercy Park would also be pretty with this sample from Sheri.

My Oslo Bronze finish...

paired with Gary's Autum leave counter top would be very rich!

And speaking of rich...

Sheri's sample has a pretty woven texture combined with stencils from her own line.

My final cabinet finish is the Ambered Lotus. This sample is popular with our local designers. It is a super easy finish that really transforms a cabinet.

This is your opportunity to work with plasters, stains, color concentrates, epoxy, new stencils, and new pattern techniques. Several of the products are Gold Label and require a class to purchase. Plus you get three instructors for 3 days.  Wow all that and ...

Joking aside.  It is a tough market out there and it doesn't always bring out the best in competing studios. That's why it is so refreshing to work with Sheri and Gary. This class is about sharing finishes, techniques, and product knowledge in a fun environment. Yes, Three is Company but a full class would be even better.

So, I hope to see you in Chicago
October 12-14th
at Faux Design Studio
Class Fee is $995

For detailed class information or to register, please visit Sheri's Faux Design Studio Web Site.

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