Monday, October 31, 2011

Checking out Ashley's Nest: The Other Rooms

Ashley and Justin are like most young couples starting out-Champagne Tastes but a Beer Budget.  Thankfully, Ashley is talented, Justin is patient, and she has a good pal like me to lend a hand now and then. Their cabinets were a very shiny (very shiny) reddish wood-like substance.  Ashley prepped them and then I applied our Iced Latte Finish.

Then Ashley used foil and glaze to transform her bland shiny white backsplash tile.

The walls are from a sample we have at Surfaces that combines Palette Deco, Lusterstone, and Wax. The stencil is Loft 101 Hudson from Sheri Zeman.

The existing island was a bland box that Ashley jazzed up with a faux bamboo made from plaster. This was painted and glazed giving the island a contemporary look. The wood surface is a recyled table top.

The kitchen flows very well into the Bronze Hallway and the Tribeca Bronze Powder bath.

The Dining Room finish is our Moon Glow Travertino.  This finish and furnishings make for a very sophisticated baby gift and Pac-N-Play room. Hey, you got to help these kids develop good taste young!

The guest bath was standard for a starter neighborhood: Linoleum Floors, White Vanity, and White Walls. We started by troweling the walls with O'Villa Sabina.

On top of the O'Villa Sabina, I used more Sabina to create relief designs using a Royal Design Stencil. When the patterns dried, I troweled tinted Venetian Gem Tint Base and metallic tinted Aquawax 100% over the walls.

Ashley sanded the linoleum floors, applied Primetch, and then Setcoat.  She built a layer of Quartzstone to fill the original pattern and then used grout tape to create her new block pattern.  Ashley filled in the blocks with more Quartzstone for a Travertine Stone finish.  When the finish was dry she pulled her tape and glazed the surface which she sealed with 2 coats of C500 Satin.

In the office she shares with Justin, Ashley used up batches of Designer Metallic Setcoat for the walls and applied a WallOvers Stencil in a grouped stripe. The work table is made from upcycled doors painted pewter with a WallOvers Stencil called Wild Thing.  Several coats of C500 Gloss give a hard work surface.

Her Thermafoil Master Bath cabinets got a quick makeover with our Java Bronze Finish from Cabinetry One.

See ya later Scout! Thanks for letting us visit your home.

No Problem..Come Again.

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