Thursday, October 6, 2011

Collageables, Creative Concepts for Canvas Art

How excited am I that Deb Drager is teaching her collage class at Surfaces? So excited that I have been thinking about collages, buying books about collages, and yes, even practicing collages. I was This Girl in school:
Harry Potter, Warner Bros.
"Pick me, Pick me.  I read the homework. I practiced!"

I had a canvas with nothing on it and a vintage movie poster from 1959 that was in rough shape. We also got in some cool retro looking stencils from Sheri Zeman (the starburst) and Melanie Royals (the oval linking chain) that I was dying to use. The pictures are tinted with Faux Creme Colors and the patterns are Lusterstone, Metallic Aquawax, and Orange Gold Glitter.

This guy looks like Mr.Big doesn't he?

She may have "married for love" but that look on her face says she married for lust. LOL!

After my attempt, I am anticipating Deb's class even more because it was easy to see that the type of canvas did make a difference and there must be tricks for getting paper to lie flatter.  I didn't know what a Brader is!

Just the notes that Deb sent me to prepare for this class have given me ideas for so many things beyond sticking a picture to a painted background.  I mean look at her work:

We are pulling together so many things to play with-plasters, waxes, stencils, rust, crackles, decorative nail heads, paper, fabric, imprints, and more!  Deb sent out homework-really play work- this week to get everyone ready for the two-day class. You will be working on 3 smaller canvases and 1 large 30" X 40" canvas. Deb will share how she sells her work. Sells her art for money.

I am working on my canvas ideas right now-

We have many talented local and out-of-state artists signed up for the class. Bruce and I are hosting a bar-b-que at our home on Thursday night for class attendees to relax and hopefully enjoy the outdoor firepit while sipping a cold brew.  Deb is an outstanding teacher and one of the most creative people that I know personally.  She is inspiring and will get you fired up about your decorative art!

So, if you are kicking yourself saying "I wish I had signed up for this class" today is your lucky day. I have room (we have 4,000 square feet of just classroom space) for one more person.  If you are interested in attending call us at Surfaces 913-888-9996.

Collageables with Deb Drager.
Thursday, October 27-Friday, October 28th. 9am-5pm.  $795

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