Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Total Package: Heather McDonald-Hulet Part One

We have special names to indicate when a person posses multiple gifts. In entertainment a person is a "triple threat" if they can sing, dance, and act.  One of my favorites is "The Total Package" used to indicate that a person posses both inner and outer beauty combined with talents that make them more then just a pretty face.

Meet Heather McDonald-Hulet. Heather is the Owner of Beautiful Homes a success decorative painting business based in Kansas City. Her work has been featured in multiple residential and commercial settings for over 15 years.  Heather is one of the first finishers I met when Surfaces opened nine years ago and she is one of the most energetic, funny, and outgoing finishers you will ever meet. She also has talent.  Recently Heather had the opportunity to not only showcase her decorative painting abilities but her design sensibilities as well.  The owner of this home...

asked Heather to serve as the Interior Designer handling the selections of counters, floors, furnishings, lighting, and the all items that pull a home together.  I first saw this huge project when Heather showed me the blueprints for the kitchen so it was exciting when she took me on a tour of the finished home. Now I get to share Heather's fantastic work with you.  So come on in...but notice the front door first.

Setting the stage right away is the beautiful front entry.

Many exterior doors are made of metal or fiberglass and a client wants to appearance of distressed wood and traditional methods of beating up a surface won't work. Heather added the look of a patina by applying a finish that is crackled and worn in areas-instant character to a new door.

As you enter the home there is a stunning ceiling accent. We've all done feature walls but what about a feature ceiling? This is a great way to break-up a large run of a plain white surface and add a focus-in this case to the table and arrangements that Heather also designed.  Heather worked with Bomar Ornamentation in Louiseberg, Kansas to select the "molding" pieces used through-out the home to define ceiling and wall treatments.

This is the stunning dining room right off the entry. Heather used an earthy palette through-out the house of warm golds, creams, sage, and Swedish blues transiting to more intense shades such as russet on the lower level.  The dining room has subtle plaster layers with a breakaway pattern.

I love this finish! The pattern is a Royal Designs Fabric Damask. Look at the attention to detail-even the light plate cover is special.  Heather did a great job of mixing plasters such as Lusterstone, Softex, and O'Villa through-out the home. 

These are details from the dining room ceiling with Bomar Ornamentation embellished with foils and glaze.
The center of the home is this beautiful living room with a Country Estate aesthetic:

The box beams are accented by patterned inserts rendered in a very soft way keeping with the rooms elegant and refined feel.
Heather also selected the amazing light fixtures used in the home.

The hallway floor is stone with wood inserts. The walls are a lovey low-key texture that Heather learned from Nicola Vigini years ago and remains a favorite to this day. There is so much too see in the home, that I am breaking it up into different posts.  So to see more of Heather's amazing work and where this hallway leads to...check out this site later in the week. 

And a side note: I am flattered that Finishing Act posts are shared on social network sites such as Facebook and Pinterest. I post my work to be shared in that way. When I post a guest artist though I want to make sure that nothing is re-posted without proper accreditation and permission from that artist. Thanks so much for respecting the talented people that have invited me (and you) into their projects.


  1. Rebecca, thanks so much for posting this! Wonderful and inspiring. Thanks, too, for your comment at the end. I am trying to be responsible and respectful about what I pass along on social networking sites and it's good to have clarity.


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  3. WOW... I am blown away at how beautiful your work is! I especially love the map on the ceiling. How did you get that effect? Absolutely incredible stuff. Thank you for sharing!!