Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Romantic Finish for Valentine's Day

I speak of the pompetous of love

Of course that doesn't even make sense but when has love ever made sense?  While we ponder something complicated let's enjoy a simple romantic finish shall we? And why limit ourselves to red-let's go with a more popular color palette!

I started with an off-white base-in my case it is Neutral White Setcoat (Every product I used is from Faux Effects International and is part of the Silver Label Line). Then I popped on Silver Moss Lusterstone and Lustestone Tint Base covering about 95% of the base color.

Silver Moss Lusterstone is this great grey based green with a slight hint of blue. The Lusterstone tint base is a great alternative when you want a pearly look and the Crushed Pearl Lusterstone is too blue.  I troweled both vertically and horizontally to gently blend the two colors.  When dry, I used my new favorite pattern Antoinette Damask (even the name evokes tragic romance) from Royal Design Studio.

Then mix Palette Deco Pearl with sea foam glitter from Michael's, about 3 Tbsp per quart of plaster, and roll over the pattern.

The finish looks very pretty at this stage....

But I wanted to age it up so I brushed a glaze of Dark Brown Faux Creme Color over the top and softened with a damp cloth.

A romantic finish-perfect for a bedroom or bath.  Hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day.  By the way, "Pompetous" is a made up used in Steve Miller Band's song The Joker.  It is taken from the word "Puppetutes" which is a mash-up of "puppets" and "prostitutes" and was used in the 1954 song The Letter by The Medallions. 

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  1. Gorgeous!!!
    And I just heard that song the other day and wondered what the heck they were saying. It always sounded like pompetous to me, but I had no idea that was a word. Thanks for clearing THAT up.