Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Winter Inspired DIY: Frosty Sandstone

(Rankin/Bass Productions 1974)

"I'm Ms. Type A"
"I'm Ms. Oh, No! "
"I'm Ms. Does That Work?"
"I'm Ms. The More You Know."

Greetings from the snowy Mid-West. We received 20 inches based solely on
the measurement from my foot to my knee when I stepped in our yard. 
I actually think it is pretty and all the sparkly snow inspired my DIY project today. 

My Minion (seen above) is not as enthusiastic. 
"Can't you be inspired by Cancun or Hawaii," he says. 
 "Hush," I say. "Minions don't talk-they just dance and sing."

Before Mother Nature dumped on us we were discussing Sandstone.
So let's pick up on that conversation shall we?

I started by troweling a flat coat of Sandstone over a grey base coat. 
This is not a necessary step over a quality painted base but I like the grip I get
from the Sandstone and wanted it to peek through on my next layer. 
For speed, you could thin the Sandstone with waterand roll a coat as
well using a fluffy roller head. Rolling is faster but does
not give you an opaque layer.

I selected two colors of extra fine glitter for this project:
Hologram Glitter from Infinity and Chestnut Recollections Glitter from Michael's. 
Any fine glitter will work. 

Thin Sandstone with water to form a paste the consistency of Oatmeal
and add the glitters.  You should be able to see the glitter in the mix. 
You really can't add too much.  I buttered my trowel with the glitter paste
using a Japan Blade and popped it over the surface.

After popping on the Sandstone in connecting areas, I lightly flatten the areas. 
Using this technique will minimize the drag marks created by the glitter in
the Sandstone.  Apply this in 2ft sections in a long strip on the wall.

Then I rolled our Bark Specialty Roller through the wet Sandstone. 
The Sandstone will take awhile to dry so you have plenty of time
to work this pattern. 

Flip the roller as you work and roll through multiple times-

lots of lines are better!
Repeat across the wall.

Just a reminder-this is the roller handle to get for the Specialty Rollers.
A 4 inch stub cage that is at most home improvement stores for under $3. 
I cut a section of my rollers to fit this exact size to squeeze
into tight spaces.  For really small areas or tight ceiling lines I just
fake the pattern with a cut wallpaper brush. 

This Bark Pattern layer should dry well.  At this point you could sand the
finish to pop the glitter out and then lightly glaze with Dark Brown Faux Creme Color
mixed with either Faux Creme Clear or Aquacreme.  Or you could add a pretty pattern
(or maybe do this for a feature wall while leaving the bark rolled finish on the other walls?)

I mixed a darker glitter, Espresso Recollections Glitter, into Palette Deco Pearl. 

Here is a hint: When doing a feature wall try to select as many products as possible
with fast dry times like Palette Deco, Lusterstone, or Aquawax. 
There is nothing worse then waiting on one wall to dry. 
If you are doing a feature wall project only-you really want to maximize your profit
and lessen you travel by completing it in one day. 
Also, when working with light plasters or clear plasters
for a pattern you should add just a dash of color or finding the pattern match
will be really difficult-believe me, I have done it.

I wanted a lacy pattern like a snowflake but not literally a snowflake,
although that would be a great pattern.
But would every stencil have to be different and special?
Lol. Wait..where were we?

OK, we are rolling our pattern with the glitter mixed Palette Deco tinted with a little
Dark Brown Faux Creme Color.
This is the Kerry Damask Stencil from Cutting Edge.

When the pattern is dry, glaze over the whole surface.  I mixed
Dark Brown Faux Creme Color with some Aquacreme (1 part : 3 parts)
and brushed it over the surface using water and damp
cloth to move the color. 
The surface should look antiqued-don't bury out the glitter by
getting your glaze too dark and heavy.

I love finishes that resemble old fabrics. 

In the close-up you can see the bark pattern with glitter
and the contrast glitter in the damask pattern.
A wintry finish that doesn't feel cold. 
When the weather warms up we will shift to some spicy finishes.
Until then...

Dreaming of Warmer Weather is Heat Miser

(Rankin/Bass Productions 1974)

"He's Mister Thigh Master"
He's Mister Fun"
"He's Mister Weight Lifter"
He's Mister Cinnamon Bun"


  1. where do I purchase the sandstone from?

  2. How is this packaged and where do I purchase it?

  3. This is what I hate about blogs. They post something, but never answer any questions you might have.

  4. Sandstone is a Faux Effects product & can be purchased from Rebecca Slaton of Surfaces

  5. Beautiful finish, Rebecca! Thx for sharing!