Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mixing it Up

Why be limited to a world that wants only a simple print with a tasteful solid ?
But let's face it, the room below is not for the faint of heart.
So how do you mix patterns in faux finishing and why should you care?
Guess what? Wallpaper is making a comeback!
And a main reason is that wallpaper has stacked patterns.
But, what we lack in printing abilities, we make up in a finish that has more zing then a paper.
Let's start with a bold sample.  I started with Lusterstone Tint Base and added a little Italian Sienna for a warm tan. This was rolled on with a sea sponge and then the tips knocked down.  When this layer was dry, I tight troweled Azure Lusterstone over the top letting 5% of my base color peek through.
I selected Chain Link from Cutting Edge Stencils for my base pattern.  I rolled the new Metallic Setcoat in Metallic Taupe over the pattern.
You could stop right here but this post is about stacking patterns.  I selected the Zinnia Grand, also from Cutting Edge and placed it randomly over the dried Chain Link.  Mark with a piece of tape where you want to place a single pattern like this before you get started. It will help you access the layout.
I mixed some of my Lusterstone Tint Base with Silver and Champagne Glitter and troweled it over the pattern.  Like most pattern mixing, it is all about scale.  Both patterns are circular in nature but the Chain Link is more delicate while the Zinnia is more dense.  Plus the Lusterstone troweled over the pattern doesn't allow for the under pattern to peek thru.
This would make a fun girl's bathroom that would take her from little one to teenager!
My next sample uses patterns from Royal Design Studio.  They have a large selection of wallpaper stencils (connected patterns) and single element patterns.  For this design, I started with a dark painted base (Royal Taupe or Dark Brown Setcoat will work).  On top of this I popped on and troweled down Rhino Lusterstone.
 This is how I would lay out a room, such as a dining room for this pattern mix.
Mark out panels with a border on top of you base Lusterstone.   For example, if you use a one foot border around the room, mark 6 inches on each side of the corners. Tape off the panel and find the center.  Start with the large Acanthus Trellis in the middle and work out like a vertical stripe.
I used Rich Gold Shark Skin (you can also use Rich Gold Faux Metal).  Make sure your Lusterstone is very dry or you will tarnish your gold.  There should be no problem lapping a corner or matching up the design all the way around the room because of the panels.
The small Corsini pattern from Royal Design fits neatly between the Trellis.  I rolled Antique Parchment Lusterstone over the pattern.  Why does it work?  Again, both have a similar shape, a diamond.  And the Trellis is about 2x bigger then the Corsini. 
My final finish begins with a troweled layer of Palette Deco Pearl over a dark painted base.  Use Silver Taupe Lusterstone and some Silver Taupe Lusterstone mixed with Williamsburg Stain (1/2 gallon to 4 TBSP Stain).  I popped these on randomly and troweled it down. When the Lusterstone were dry, I rolled Palette Deco Pearl over the Twisted Stencil from Wallovers.  This is a delicate pattern in a soft application so it will be hard to see at this point.
I mixed my Palette Deco Pearl with silver and champagne glitter and troweled it over the Shebang pattern from Sheri Zeman.  This pattern comes in 3 different sizes and is easy to mix and match on a wall.  Next I glazed the whole surface with glaze and Dark Brown Faux Crème Color.  I spritzed with water to keep the glaze from absorbing in the Lusterstone.  The glaze will highlight the Twisted pattern-like wax resist!
Why does it work?  The two patterns both have a fun feel to them in addition to the circular nature.  The flow of the ribbon is a good contrast to the defined "pop" of the Shebang.  Since the size is similar I opted to keep them in the same color to provide balance.
And speaking of bling! This is a fast post because I have some bling of my own to chase this weekend.



  1. Great tips and love you combined the two stencils! -Michelle from Cutting Edge Stencils

  2. We enjoy are Cutting Edge Stencils! Great Patterns and so easy to clean.

  3. I love seeing the different ways you create designs!