Friday, May 23, 2014

All that Glitters...with Lusterstone

I have a confession to make...I was not a Glitter Girl until my 40's. It wasn't until I found a way to incorporate my more tomboy tendencies with some sparkle....
that I went full-on bling!
 Look how cheerful I am to be running 6.2 miles in 90 degree heat.
That is the power of glitter!
Now whenever I run a big race, I always wear a sparkly skirt.
Even my tiara is there any other kind?
My finish today uses glitter in Lusterstone. This is the easiest way to apply subtle glitter in a non-messy form.  I started by troweling the New Nu'Villa Plaster from FE. I will be glad when this is not new because New Nu'Villa doesn't roll off the tongue.  As I trowel a section, I roll through with our Threads Specialty Roller. This is not wallpaper printing so I roll it up and down several times.
As the Nu'Villa sets up, I use an almost flat blade to compress the texture slightly.
Nu'Villa is a relatively inexpensive way to create an interesting background for under $50 a gallon. On top of the Nu'Villa plaster, I skimmed a tight coat of Palette Deco Silver plaster.
When you tight pull one plaster over a textured base, you will get chatter. See those little cross hatch marks?
This is chatter. To get rid of it, just chase across your surface with a folded cotton rag or terry towel.  It can be barely damp but not wet.
I brushed on a glaze mix of  1 pint FX Thinner + 2 TBSP Van dyke Brown Stain & Seal + 2 TBSP American Walnut Stain & Seal.  Use a damp cloth to soften and remove some of the glaze.
You could stop right here with the finish and have a great look. In fact this makes on easy 3 step treatment for a ceiling to compliment the next few steps.
For a wall finish, mix fine silver or hologram silver glitter into Silver Taupe Lustersuede.  One 5.5oz glitter bottle is plenty for a gallon. Use a Japan blade to pull this tightly over the dried glaze. Use your rag or terry towel to soften the chatter lines.
For smaller rooms or an accent wall, I am using Silver Taupe Lustersuede mixed with Hologram Silver and some Black Glitter.
I am rolling my glitter Lustersuede over Cutting Edge's Acanthus Leaves.  If I wanted more glitter to show, I could mix twice the amount of glitter with Lusterstone Tint Base.
Now you have 3 ways to coordinate spaces. The Base with no Lustersuede. Glitter Lustersuede over the texture (or without added glitter), and a Glitter Lustersuede Pattern over the base. I guess you could add a 4th finish and pull the Glitter Lustersuede over the base and then apply a glitter pattern too. Now we are getting crazy!
This is Silver and fine Turquoise glitter added to Lusterstone Tint base and pulled over foiled Venetian Plaster.  The Royal Design Stencil is Highlighted with Rich Gold Sharkskin.  I love Acanthus Designs-they always sell well!
Here is a close-up. The base is Tiger Eye's Venetian Plaster with Teal and Bronze Foil.
Glitter for base. Glitter for topcoat. Glitter for patterns.'s what's for winners!

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  1. Dear Glitter Girl!! I LOVE this crazy gorgeous work of art and am trying to gather all the materials so I can prepare to paint walls in our house that is under constructions. However, I can't find that huge stencil anywhere :-( I would be so appreciative if you could point me in the right direction! Thank you again for posting your "how too's", you are truly inspirational. Kindest Regards, Cindy McClure