Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Anything but Scary-Halloween Inspired Design with Year Round Appeal

Happy Halloween! It's that time of year when you try not to eat all the candy before the kids trick or treat.

After Christmas, Halloween is the second most favorite time for decorating our homes.  Check out Pinterest and you will easily see how much we love pumpkins, witch's hats, ghosts, black cats, ravens and skulls. 

For a month, it's fun to embrace the macabre but could you live with this year round? For example this  might work if you make a lot of pies or keep a goat in your bedroom.

The traditional palette of  bright orange and black may be difficult for most people to embrace on a daily basis-unless you are an Oklahoma State fan....or my Dad (the unofficial Earl of Orange).

Go Pokes....This is for you Pops

When we tease out a literal interpretation of Halloween, there are several elements of the holiday left to create inspired interiors.  Let's take a peek at a few:

Bold Black  The classic color of Halloween, black is a sophisticated and timeless favorite in interior design.

Above is Black Crackle from Faux Effects used on cabinetry.  What makes this crackle look more refined?  As the black crackle medium is drying, I rub off areas with a damp cloth to reveal the warm wood tone underneath. When the crackle medium is dry,  I brush on Old World Finishing Paint in Coal. This will back fill and soften the crackle.  When the Finishing Paint is dry, I sand the surface to see the wood and to create a really smooth finish. By doing this step I may control how the crackle looks and feels!

This door also uses crackle but the medium is Faux Effects' Clear Crackle mixed with Setcoat Metallic Gun Metal.  Don't want to use crackle but get the rich look of Metallic Black?

Metallic Black Setcoat is a great choice for color and coverage.  The door above has small dabs of Black Onyx Venetian Plaster to add interest and a bot of texture.

Black is also a classic for wall finishing.  This close-up of a feature wall is RS Plaster painted with Metallic Black Setcoat: RS Water Wax is mixed with Faux Effects Silver Mica Powder and troweled over the plaster. I use a buffer brush on a drill to polish.  A glaze of FX Thinner + Van Dyke Brown  Stain & Seal + Ebony Stain & Seal is brushed over the surface to highlight the texture. 

Gothic Pattern A mix of dark and romantic, this style is a way to add drama (both small and large) to your home. 

My Dorian Finish below uses Black Onyx Venetian Gem Plaster as a base (heads-up, Venetian Plaster is the Faux Effects November Sale Product).  The Venetian Gem is shaped with a specialty roller.  Then I apply Foil size. After this sets, but is not dry, I place a romantic scroll stencil from Cutting Edge on top. The size holds the pattern. I mix Clear crackle with glitter (I used Silver here) and trowel it over the pattern,  When the crackle dries, I used pewter foil around the pattern.  The same glaze mix of Van Dyke and Ebony Stain & Seal is used over the surface.

This beautiful and romantic kitchen is by talented Kansas City Artist Suzanne Lynch, owner of Finishes Unique.  Black Setcoat is the base. Suzanne used Black Palette Deco over the Damask Pattern from Royal Design Studio. Stove Pipe Nu'Villa or Black Onyx Venetian Gem are also choices.  She used Sandstone to bury the pattern and lighten the finish. A warm glaze softens the wall.  Love the crystal chandelier as well! 

Black is not the only choice for a Gothic inspired finish. Deep blue and grey are also choices.
One of my favorite colors is Ancient Grey Lusterstone. Ancient Grey Lusterstone is used as the base and for the pattern from Cutting Edge in this simple and elegant sample.

My McQueen finish starts with Weathered Bronze Lusterstone.  What makes this finish is the combination of patterns ( the larger one is the same as Suzanne's choice, Fabric Damask from Royal Design Studio). I used Turquoise Stain & Seal for the smaller pattern and Weathered Bronze and Mica Powders for the larger pattern. 

Burnt Orange. Halloween orange is a bit bright-best saved for hunting vests and traffic cones...and my dad.   But when shaded in warm copper, red or dark brown, orange may be a lovely addition to your interiors.

Not all little girls want pink.  This children's table and chairs combine Gothic Style with Burnt Orange. The finish is Black Setcoat and Fire Red Setcoat. The pattern is from Royal Design Studios.

One of my most popular finishes is the Vintage Apricot for cabinets.  For this bathroom it pairs nicely with the Copper Foil behind the RS Sandstone Walls. 

Faux Effects Metallic Copper Fresco over a base of Royal Taupe Fresco.  The finish is glazed with Van Dyke Brown Stain & Seal for a simple cabinet finish with a lot of depth-that still feels smooth! 

Burnt Orange is not just for wood. It creates a dramatic and rich finish for walls as well.

Kansas City is home to some of the best finishers in the country. This copper wall treatment for a Butler's Kitchen is by local finisher, Sue Hon.

And this lush bath finish by Heather McDonald of  thestudiochick.com which was featured in Faux Effects World Magazine.

These are just a few ideas for using Halloween inspired elements for finishes. The next time you're considering something different, treat your clients to a bit of Gothic Romance, Black Drama or Rich Burnt Orange.  

And just a reminder-today is the last day for the 20% off sale of Faux Effects Stain & Seal.  Think of it as stocking your own goody bag.

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween! 


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