Thursday, November 9, 2017

Venetian Gem & Aquawax: Why you should make this match

Looking for a stylish, durable and cost effect finish for your clients?  Please consider the pairing of

Venetian Gem and Aquawax!

Why does this pairing work so well?  Venetian Gem comes in many versatile colors and the consistency gives it great coverage and build.  Aquawax is easily tinted with a variety of Faux Effects products giving you a large range of color options. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

The lead photograph is a beautiful bathroom in a traditional home. The base is Ultra-polishing Venetian Gem Tint Base left un-tinted. It is also used for the faded damask pattern.  Aquawax was mixed with Caterpillar Gold Metal Glow and Luna White Metal Glow and troweled over the Venetian Gem.

In this darker option, the base is Venetian Gem in Tiger's Eye. The Aquawax is mixed with Sunburst Gold Metal Glow and Toasted Coconut Metal Glow. This is a favorite finish for ceilings paired with oil-rubbed light fixtures.

Here is a similar finish in a cool silver version.  The Venetian Gem is Black Onyx and the Metal Glow colors are Pewter Gold and Wheat mixed with Aquawax.

In the above finish the Venetian Gem Black Onyx is applied with a sea sponge roller. It is then flattened with a trowel creating a texture that gives good coverage to bad walls or orange peel. Aquawax is mixed with Bronze Stain & Seal and Silver Stain & Seal then troweled at the same time over the Venetian Gem.

Verdigris is a classic finish. Our finish starts with Sage Venetian Gem.  The Aquawax is mixed with Faux Effects Light Green and the Blue Green Verdigris Faux Crème Colors. While troweling in the Verdigris colors, we add in some Aquawax mixed with Bronze Faux Crème Color. 

Another interpretation of Verdigris starts with Brown Sapphire Venetian Gem.  The Aquawax is mixed with Turquoise Faux Color, Bronze and Gold Metallic Faux Crème Colors.

We love Moonstone Grey Venetian Plaster-perfect mix of grey and brown, The finish above is Moonstone Grey with Aquawax mixed with Pearl Mica Powder troweled on top.  

The modern fireplace surround is White Venetian Gem Plaster. For the marbled effect we mixed Silver Mica Powder and Pearl Mica Powder with Aquawax. 

A few of these finishes are glazed. This is another advantage to our pairing of Aquawax and Venetian Gem-it is easy to glaze! The shiny and well sealed surface allows you glaze mixes to glide over the surface. Sometimes the glaze will appear to "bead"-that's OK-just pad it out. It will stick.  I recommend this type of finish for large ceilings.

Hope this post gives you several ideas for using Venetian Gem with Aquawax! I know with the holidays the crunch is on and these are all quick and lovely transformations.

And don't forget the November Sale-just in time to get projects wrapped for the season! 

Wax on.....



  1. I like the look of the venetial gem with the aquawax. Pictured in a bathroom with damask....what process used to create the is venetian applied and how is aquawas applied. Thanks

  2. The Venetian Tint Base is applied by a steel application trowel. Use a smaller blade like a Japan Blade to put the Venetian Tint Base on the trowel. Hold at an angle and apply to the surface. You want trowel lines. When this layer is dry I put tape in areas for the pattern since it is random. This gives me the layout. Tape the patterns to the wall and trowel more Venetian Tint over the stencil. Remove and place in next area. This will dry semi-translucent. Then I alternate troweling the tinted Aquawax colors over the surface pulling tightly. You will need to use a damp cloth to soften that wax you pull-over the pattern as it may leave horizontal lines (called chatter). I like to glaze this finish using Faux Creme Clear and Dark Brown Faux Creme Colorant from Faux Effects.