Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Let It Glow, Let It Glow, Let It Glow

It's the most wonderfaux time of the year!

Happy December everyone. Hope you are getting your projects wrapped up for the year and filling the calendar for 2018. Since this is the season of sparkly lights, pretty papers, and decorations galore, Faux Effects wanted to join in the festivities this month with our most cheerful product....

Metal Glow

Just look at this color selection!

So what is Metal Glow?  Metal Glow is an iridescent paint. It is more sheer and sparkly than metallic Setcoat. But the consistency is thicker then metallic colorants. Plus it comes in 67 colors giving you the largest range of color options. It comes in quarts that cover approximately 75 square feet.

How may Metal Glow be applied? You may spray it-just thin with some water. I like to keep it the consistency of melted ice cream because getting it too thin may cause the metallic to separate and run on a vertical application. At this consistency and using an HVLP the Metal Glow may appear slightly "hammered" when sprayed. That's OK, It will lay out.

Need to roll it? Use a cloth roller verses a foam one. The foam rollers will slide in the metallic. As you roll the Metal Glow, pounce it with a Neon Leon or Stippler Brush. This will minimize lap lines. You may also apply it by brush.

Where do you use it? Glad you asked. How about almost anywhere! Let me show you a few ideas:

Metal Glow may be used as a base coat for cabinetry, either alone or mixed with Setcoat for custom tinting.  The kitchen above was sprayed with a mix of Faux Effects Designer Metallic and Wheat Metal Glow.  The Antique Apricot Finish below uses Sunburst Gold Metal Glow in the base.

And Urban Fern is made with an equal mix of Setcoat Sage and Sea Spray Metal Glow

Metal Glow gives a soft shimmer to ceiling finishes like this one that starts with Leo Gold Metal Glow:

Because of the sheerness, Metal Glow is a great tint for waxes....

The sample above is a variation on a finish by Prismatic Painting's Gary Lord. Eldorado Gold Metal Glow and Urban Steele are mixed with Faux Effects RS Water Wax. The sample below is Silver Lining Metal Glow and Elephant Hide Metal Glow mixed with Faux Effects Aquawax:

Metal Glow is a favorite for tinting RS Plaster because when you buff the plaster you get a pretty  sparkle like the sample below using Luna White Metal Glow and Rich Silver Metal Glow:

Of course one of the most effective uses for Metal Glow is to mix it with a Faux Effects Glaze Medium.  Our Moon glow Travertino is glazed with Faux Crème Clear mixed with Citrus Gold Metal Glow and Wheat Metal Glow:

A sheer glaze mix of Aquacreme and Toasted Coconut Metal Glow highlight the raised plaster pattern in this Faux Effects RS Sandstone Finish:

Alice Blue Metal Glow + Teal Stain & Seal creates this pretty over-stain for an end table:

I'm going to stop here because we all know that it's better to get your presents spread out over several days (or is that just me?).

Check back this week and next for some step by step DIY projects using Metal Glow including one from The Faux Finish School in Louisville, KY!

Warmest Wishes,

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