Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Case for A Cabinet Class

Decorative Painting is going through an evolution. Trends in interior design, home ownership and client personal preferences really changed demand for wall finishes.  Thankfully, this is starting to shift again-hello feature walls and ceilings! But the bright spot for money generating jobs was and continues to be Cabinetry.  So, you may be asking yourself, "should I add cabinets and furniture to my services?" I would say "absolutely" and not just because it's my forte. Let me make my case:

1.  There are a lot of ugly dark and dated kitchens. Just because it's wood doesn't mean it's good. There I said it!  Putting on a new coat of paint or stain is the fastest and least intrusive way to update cabinets. Clients will appreciate the added value to the most used room in the house so there is always a demand for this service. Any realtor will tell you- a kitchen sells a house!

Good bye Golden Oak. New subtle metallic!

2.  You are part of the recycling movement. Giving cabinets a makeover keeps it out of a landfill. And water-based products like Setcoat®, Stain & Seal™, and Varnish Plus™ Topcoat are earth respectful and client friendly with both low odor and low VOC's.

Oak Cabinets go light grey and an Oak Table is new in Turquoise.

3. Up cycling is on-trend. Clients have furniture they cherish-maybe it's unique or it's the providence of a piece. You get to be the hero who saved Grandma's china cabinet for future generations! Hunting for pieces at flea markets and garage sales is fun. Expressing your creativity on furniture is more wide open (less a commitment than cabinets). And selling your finished pieces can be a nice side hustle.

Guess what? You can also up cycle accessories like lighting

4.  There is a lot of wood in a home.  It is not just the cabinets. There are handrails, doors, built-ins, paneling and trim. Once you know what to do and show how fabulous the kitchen may look, there is a whole house to keep finishing!
Ceiling planks in tinted Duraseal and Finishing Paste

5.  People are still hesitant to paint their own kitchens or furniture.  Homeowners look at a wall and think, "hmmm, I can paint that. If I mess-up, I can just paint it over."  In their hearts they know that it's riskier and more expensive to ruin their cabinets or that family heirloom. And while videos inspire DIY'ers, it's another thing to assembly the proper equipment and finish 50 doors/drawers and the frames. Most families can only have a kitchen torn part for so long...  

So what are you waiting for? 

Did you know that furniture and cabinetry finishing has always been a foundation of Faux Effects® products-not just a trendy add-on?  And our studios offer a range of cabinet and furniture classes? Just like with walls, nothing replaces learning on a real piece of wood with a trained experienced instructor. We have several classes coming up and let's start with a workshop in March.

The Faux Finish School in Louisville, Kentucky is offering a 3-day workshop Monday, March 26th -Wednesday, March 28th, 2018.

You will work with a variety of  cabinet products including Old World Finishing Paint™ on 20 trim samples.

And you will select one finish to render on a cabinet door for a total of 23 samples.  This class covers layering colors, patterns, and project management. 

Your workshop is taught by The Faux Finish School Owner, Martin Alan Hirsch

and The Faux Finish School Lead Instructor, Morey Dunbar. 

Cost for this workshop is $995. You may find out the details of this class by visiting:

Facebook: @fauxfinishschool
Instagram: @fauxfinishschool

or Contacting The Faux Finish School at:

Phone: (502)-583-0102

And keep reading-we will have more information on up-coming classes at all our studios as 2018 Schedules are released!  Time to put a cabinet (and yes, a wall class too) on your calendar.


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