Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Awesome Airbrush Class: The Geisha

Krystiano completed an entire project during his visit to Surfaces.  It is amazing to watch each step and see the whole piece come together.  During the class and watching the Geisha come to life was very instructional.  It is important for your hand and mind to work with the "impression" of the object rather then a literal expression.  For example:  Using the airbrush to create individual strands of hair looks fake while building blocks of shading found in hair is more realistic.

The Geisha started with a high/low coat of troweled Plastertex.  When dry this was washed over with a neutral pale brown glaze.  We selected a copyright free image on-line that was done in simple black and white shades except for the vibrant mouth.
We scanned the image and printed it on a transparency sheet.  Using an overhead projector, a simple pencil contour drawing was done over the texture-think how coloring books look.  Krystiano used the airbrush and Black Faux Color to begin blocking in the first color.

Here is the Geisha with the black color blocking completed.
Next, the striking white of the Geisha's face is filled in, followed by the bright red mouth that really sets the piece. White is also added to highlight the hair and the flower in her hair.  I am amazed at how little paint it takes to fill in an area.  Krystiano stressed using transparent color to build the finish.

Yellow and Violet highlights are added.  Very few colors were needed to create dimension.  Krystiano was going for a "vintage" feel to the piece.  It reminded me of a vintage travel poster.

Here Krystiano is working on the kimono using stencils and free-hand shading. The only hard line is the actual neck line of the garment yet the shading around the soft pattern gives the illusion that a kimono is present. 

The completed airbrush work!  I sealed the piece with Aquaguard Gloss and let it dry overnight. The next day I used Rich Brown Stain & Seal thinned with FX Thinner to create a tea-stain.  I brushed it 100% over the surface and softened with a dry terry towel.
The completed Geisha.  I know we need to have the piece in the studio to promote future airbrush classes but Bruce and I love it. We want to frame it and hang her in our home where it would go perfectly-we have an Asian Contemporary.  The best part is that Krystiano signed his work and when he is world famous, the Slatons will have an original.  Thanks so much our friend for a great class and a fun visist.  We will miss your Brazilian Grill and the good company!

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