Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Awesome Airbrush Class

The best part about owning a studio is all the cool artists you get to meet. Our talented friend Orlando Artist Krystiano spent over a week with us at Surfaces. After being a part of my week long cabinet class series, Krystiano taught a weekend long Introduction to Airbrush class-and I got to be a student.  I know Krys is a wonderful artist but he is also a wonderful teacher-very outgoing and funny.  I, and the other attendees, left feeling like this is something we could really do on our own.  I am ready to airbrush my lower level game room and will post the results. For now, please enjoy pictures from the class.

This is an exercise in gradation of single and multiple colors.

Kerry and Sydney working on a color shading exercise.  Both had excellent samples.

Sue gets a "thumbs-up" from Krystiano on her masking exercise.

Kerry working on an exercise.

Kerry's masking exercise and ideas for children's murals. Her work with the airbrush was very dimensional!

My masking exercise-a little raggedy next to Kerrys! I was thrilled since this was the first time I have ever worked with an airbrush.

A sample from the planet exercise.

My planets-anyone want a Star Wars Room?  I am ready!

The Cloud Critique.

My first clouds with an airbrush.  My skies always look a little stormy-wonder why?
My night sky.  I will never hand brush a sky again!
We ended the class by working on stencils and cabinetry.  I did this molding all with the airbrush over a base stain.  The thinned Stain & Seal worked great and I was able to shade, detail, water-mark, and fly flick without touching a single brush-crazy!
Krystiano thanks from all six of us. We had a great time and can't wait for your next class. Until then, we will all be airbrushing everything.

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