Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dark Lux DIY Part Two:

I've been jumping around with lots of things lately so let's return to Part 2 of the Dark Lux DIY sample. For this sample that I call Clayton Copper, I am using one of my favorite products for ceilings: Faux Effects's Palette Deco. Why Palette Deco for ceilings you ask? Well, it is thick so it won't fall easily on your head. You can get it in a pre-tinted metallic (gold, silver, pearl, bronze, or red) that is very rich and reflective for ceiling finishes. It is thick enough for great single coat coverage or it can be tight pulled for a nice finish layer. Finally, Palette Deco dries very hard so I rarely top-coat unless I want to pop the colors.

I started with a Dark Brown Setcoat because I want the surface well sealed and I let the Dark Brown peek through in the finish.  First, I butter my trowel with Palette Deco Bronze:

Then I pop this onto my surface creating connecting peaks. Use a Japan Blade to clean your trowel as you work-Palette Deco dries fast.

As I work, I lightly compress the plaster peaks with my blade almost flat to the surface.  This layer should dry 1-2 hours depending on how thick your trowel your Palette Deco. If your surface is not well-sealed or the Palette Deco is too thick-it will crack.

When the Palette Deco is dry, I use a sea sponge to spot in Wundasize. The key to this layer is not to make snowballs. Use different sponges and alternate sides. Inside of doing the same size dabs, create connected chains of Wunda in different lengths and widths. This should set up at least one hour.

 I used our New Penny Copper Foil which is a soft copper with an apricot undertone. With the pretty side facing up, I scrub it with a stiff metal or plastic bristle brush. The nice thing about a foil layer is you may proceed immediately to the the next layer.

I thinned Antique Cherry Stain & Seal with FX Thinner (1 part : 3 parts) and brushed this over the surface. Using a lightly damp cloth, I blotted the surface to blend and remove brush marks.

And that's it-a super easy finish that will work on ceilings, walls, and range hoods among other surfaces.

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