Friday, May 18, 2012

Roll with It: DIY Hammered Metal Finish

See Spot Roll

Howdy! I am so glad to be off bed rest and back at work. Hope my doctor doesn't see this. But how could I take it easy when THE ROLLERS FINALLY ARRIVED.  After months of testing and negotiations (and learning the translation app), we have all 6 of our new specialty rollers.





And the Spot Roller. Let's play with this one first.  I started on Royal Taupe Setcoat but any dark Setcoat will work.  I buttered my steel blade and troweled a high/low coat of Palette Deco Bronze. This is pre-tinted metallic plaster. Don't over work the Palette Deco as it will set up. Trowel lines don't matter because you are about to roll through it.  Work in 3' x 3' areas.

By the way, Coral is the hot color for summer!

While the plaster is wet, roll through with the Spots Specialty Roller.  Don't push too hard or you will smear the pattern.  I roll the pattern every which way so lapping the spots is not an issue.  You can roll about 3 sections and then you will need to wipe the roller with a damp cloth.

This roller does not come with a handle. I like these little stub cages that you can get at Home Improvement stores.

The roller is 7 inches long and while it is a very sturdy rubber it may be cut with a hack saw. I keep one full size and cut one to the size of the stub roller. This gives me two pieces to use in narrow/tight spaces.

When the Palette Deco layer is dry-this takes about an hour-glaze the finish.  I mixed 3 parts FX Thinner with 1 part Antique Cherry Stain and Seal. Brush this 100% over the surface and pad with a dry cloth.

After I've applied the stain to my area, I like to use a foam brush to pull some of the stain off the tips of the pattern.  A rubber trowel would also work.

And that is it! Super Easy Finish.  This would work for a ceiling, range hood, or furniture piece.  Change up the Palette Deco Bronze for Copper or Gold.  Or try Palette Deco Pearl or Palette Deco Silver with a dark brown glaze on top.

The Molten Finish.  The Spot Roller is $18.95 and will work for both negative applications (demonstrated here) and positive applications which I will show in the next post. If you would like to try the rollers yourself, please call Bruce at 913-888-9996. You know how much Bruce likes to collect orders.


  1. Hi there! I'm interested in purchasing on of your Thread rollers. I would like to try the Hammered Medal Finish like the picture above with the Thread Roller. Do you have instructions on how to acheive this finish. It's so awesome. My email - Thanks!

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