Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Charred Gold, The Chameleon Color of Lusterstone: Finish One


Don't you love the 80's? 
My go-to color when I am working with Lusterstone is Charred Gold. Why? Because it is the one color that seems to change depending on what is next to it.  Sometimes a little green. Other times a little gold.  It may even appear to turn grey. A regular little chameleon!
Let's play with some.

For this first finish, I started with one of the new Set Coat Metallic Colors: Toffee.

I buttered my blade with Charred Gold (I lead with the darkest shade) and popped this over the dried metallic base.

Then I buttered the blade with my second color, Silver Taupe Lusterstone for a slight grey and lighter contrast.

You should see the two colors.  Next, I gently used my blade almost flat to the surface and knocked the tips off.

You may pull the blade both ways. Don't over work the colors. Leave about 10%-20% of base showing.

When this is dry, you could be done and have an easy 2-step finish.  I taped over a corner and mixed 1 cup of Aquawax with 1 Tsp Bronze Mica Powder + 1 Tsp Hi-Light Gold Mica Powder.  You could also use Leo Gold Metal Glow in place of the powders.  I bladed the wax over the Lusterstone.

Soften the wax with a damp cloth to prevent chatter.  Now you have a coordinated ceiling and wall look.

But wait you say! My Client wants a feature wall too.  Easy.  Select a pattern (mine is from Cutting Edge) and tape it to the surface.  Use more of the Toffee Metallic Setcoat and roll it over the pattern.

This is what it looks over both of the versions of the finish.

That's all I have time for tonight. But I will post another finish this weekend!
"I come and go" "I come and go"



  1. lovely and Im diggin that toffee sort of a good in between color I dont think I have a chart with the new metallic colors!

  2. We have a color chart with the real metallic setcoats. It is a notebook insert. I am loving the new colors and very metallic. A nice simple alternative to using foil as a base!