Friday, August 16, 2013

Charred Gold, The Chameleon Color of Lusterstone: Finish Two

"I'm an Artist. I not supposed to blend in."

We were playing last time with Charred Gold Lusterstone and using it with another Lusterstone, Silver Taupe.  For this finish, I will show the Charred Gold versatility and pair it with Venetian Plaster.  My finish is starting out with Royal Taupe Setcoat which is a really nice (and on trend) mushroom grey brown shade.

I am using a Sea Sponge Roller to apply Faux Effect's Moonstone Grey Venetian Gem.  Using the roller is a fast way to get this texture applied and hides bad walls with flaws/dry wall seams.  Dampen the roller first and load the plaster on.

Cover about 80% of the base working in 4'x4' sections.  When I have a section rolled, I use my blade to gently flatten the finish. It is gentle pressure like putting a smear on your bagel.  This layer should look like knockdown with larger flat areas.

The Moonstone Grey should be dry within an hour to 2 hours for the next layer.  I used Charred Gold Lustersuede this time and tight pulled it over the Venetian.  I opted for the Lustersuede because it is thinner and I didn't want to bury out my base layer.  For light back fills, Lustersuede is a great option and is about $5 less per gallon. That $5 will buy you a Latte to go with your smeared bagel.

Charred Gold also looks great over Brown Sapphire Venetian Gem and Tiger's Eye Venetian Gem.  Lustersuede dries slower then Lusterstone so allow for a little extra set time.  I taped off an area of this sample to show you a complimentary finish.  I do this often in class.  It gives your clients an actual visual of what they would get by paying for an additional layer and/or shows them a suitable finish for a ceiling or adjoining room.

I am tight blading Palette Deco Metallic Pearl using a Japan Blade.  Then I pat with a damp cloth to remove chatter and soften the finish.  You could stop here and have a great finish on either half of the board.  But I am a big believer in the "over-glaze."  Applying a warm brown glaze over most things makes it better.

Case in point:

I mixed 1 Cup Aquacreme + 2 TBSP Dark Brown Faux Crème Color + 1 TBSP Brown Faux Crème Color and brushed it over my entire sample.  I used a lightly damp cloth to pounce and soften the glaze.


And done!  I love finishes like this because the colors blend with so many other things and it works in traditional and contemporary settings. Plus all the products used here are super durable-no need to topcoat!  The finish with the Palette Deco is great for darker rooms with poor lighting-it gives an artificial light and glow.
I have to stop here. All this talk of bagels, lattes, and caramel ice cream has me hungry. But I have one more Charred Gold Lusterstone finish to share next time.