Thursday, December 28, 2017

Start the New Year with "Timeless Creations"

Taking the time to invest in yourself
Rust finish by The Faux Finish School

We just came off the season of gift giving and, if you're like me, when it's all over there is one person who might have missed-Yourself!  Making time for creative growth is a major investment I've enthusiastically valued as both an instructor and a student.

Now I understand the challenges of taking classes. There is travel and time away from work. Plus the cost of a class. Sure there are on-line classes or videos. Those are all viable options for expanding education and a welcome addition to our profession.  But I am here to share with you the first class of 2018 hosted by a Faux Effects Studio and why it's an example of how nothing will ever replace the experience of a hands-on class.

This the Class:

"Timeless Creations...Interpretation by Inspiration...
The Art and Business of Faux Finishing Workshop
Louisville, Kentucky
January 8th-12th 2018

This workshop is designed for those looking to expand their portfolio of decorative finishes with 30 samples over 5 days. The perfect class for the beginning finisher to the seasoned professional. 

"Timeless Creations" Samples by The Faux Finish School

Reason One:  A hands-on class gives you time to explore a variety of products and techniques. This class is divided into 3 current categories:  Classic Old World, Black, White & Grey, and Hollywood Glamour.

The Faux Finish School

The Faux Finish School

You are able to see how Faux Effects' products work together from simple layers to developing more complex finishes. Asking your own questions as you work and listening to the questions of others as you work leads to new insights and ideas that go beyond the samples actually made in the class. Which leads me to:

Reason Two: Meeting and interacting with leading instructors. This class is taught by Martin Alan Hirsch, Founder & Director of The Faux Finish School.

And Morey Dunbar, Lead Instructor for The Faux Finish School.

There is something special when you watch an experienced teacher lead you in a finish, guide your hand as you work and share their own personal stories about the business. This class includes time to talk about bidding, managing a job and marketing.

Now is your chance to get up close to a technique-watch exactly how to hold a brush or angle the trowel.  Notes will guide you in a class but a good instructor makes a career come alive!

Reason Three: Working in a world class studio environment.

Classroom at The Faux Finish School
Isn't it nice to show up to a place where you have space to work? This studio has lots of natural light with a cool industrial vibe. 

When you take a class like "Timeless Creations" all your supplies and tools are provided. Product is there and ready to use. There is a written notebook ready so you may concentrate on the demonstrations rather then trying to keep up with a recipe. You have areas to safely hang your samples and room to enjoy your own work and the work of others...leading to my favorite reason for attending a class

Classroom at The Faux Finish School

Reason Four: The friendships you form with instructors, studio staff and the other students are invaluable. Many finishers work by themselves. This is where you find your tribe. During class you get to see how someone else approaches a finish. It's your time to give praise and accept accolades of your own! 

The Faux Finish School Business Discussion

After class, in a relaxed environment, you get to process all the things you learned that day.  My fondest memories of any training are the sharing of meals, stories and laughs.  I always leave inspired and recharged-so will you!

Ready to find out more about the class?  You may visit the website at or The Faux Finish School on Facebook. Registration is available at Want to connect in person? Call (502)583-0102.

Can't wait to see your pictures and samples from the class, 


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