Friday, December 22, 2017

Yes Virgina, there is Faux.

Dear Rebecca,

I am a finisher. Some of my friends are telling me there is no Faux. They watch television and everything is white...white cabinets, white walls, white ceilings. SO, please tell me the truth? IS there still Faux?

Anywhere USA

Virginia, your friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a few. They only believe what they see on popular TV. They think nothing can be done unless the masses say so. All people, Virginia, have the capacity to embrace originality, they may just be afraid to take the chance.

Yes, Virginia, there is Faux. We may call it the Decorative Arts but surely it is alive just as beauty and art exist. Just as we trust the taste of fine wine, the smell of cookies baking, or the laughter of our loved ones, we know creating unique environments provides joy that gives our home's special meaning.  Alas, how dreary would it be to only live in a world devoid of color, texture or pattern! It would be as dreary as a world without Virginias! As with poetry, song and personal adornment, these are the ways we express ourselves and our individuality

Not believe in Faux! You might as well not believe in style or design. Because these are the essence of the decorative arts. Imagine culture without the wonders of the hieroglyphics and  the Sistine Chapel.  Think of the fabulous estates like Biltmore or the Breakers without lavish gold leaf and exuberant palettes.  As children we revel in the tactile and the sparkly. We get our hands dirty because it is fun.What a loss it would be to never play with plaster, crackle, or glitter as an adult!

So I say to you, Virginia, thank goodness there is Faux. It provides an avenue for those who trust that surrounding themselves in artistry has value. It provides a livelihood to countless men and women who are fascinated by making things with their hands.

The whims of taste will swing away for awhile but we are creatures made to appreciate the lovely. Have faith Virginia. The pendulum is in your favor. The word may be "faux" but the desire for creative expression is real. Paint your front door a bold red, Glaze your cabinets and venetian plaster your walls. Stencil your ceiling and hang your original art. Then open that door to your friends. I promise they will not want to leave.


Happy Holidays to all who believe in the Decorative Arts. For you are the fire of a community that will warm many homes to come. To all our studios, instructors, and students, we thank you for supporting Faux Effects. We wish for you to enjoy time with family and friends. Together we will look forward to a prosperous New Year.

( Please read the delightful original editorial, "Yes, Virginia,  There is a Santa Claus" published in 1897 by the New York Sun. It was written by veteran newsman, Francis Pharcellus Church)

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