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GalaxyStone. Time to get your sparkle on!

What a way to open a post! This beautiful ceiling is by Houston Artists Cindy Howard and Dana DeBuck, owners of Decorative & Faux Finishes.  Nothing captures our product of the month
GalaxyStone better. Thanks ladies for the video!
Check out their work at:

GalaxyStone™ is the newest addition to the Faux Effects product line-up. So what is it?

This is a luminescent architectural coating formulated for interior and exterior use.  What makes it luminescent? A small sparkle additive that doesn't catch the product when you roll or brush it-this makes a difference if you want to trowel it as well.

GalaxyStone may be used for walls, ceilings, concrete structures, columns and accessories. It is extremely hard and water resistant with no topcoat. You may apply GalaxyStone over dry wall primer, primed cement, ordinary quality latex wall paint, SetCoat® and Texture Coat™.

This is an extremely easy to product to apply in 2 steps.

You will want to use Wooster Polar Bear® Rollers available at paint, hardware or home supply stores. These have a nice fluffy nap for off-loading the Galaxy Stone.  It is most efficient to roll the GalaxyStone over a paint base similar in color.  For the second coat, you may repeat with the roller.
I like to keep a Leon Neon brush handy to pounce any lap lines:

Photo of Leon Neon from

And that's it for a basic application! This is the process used for the ceiling video.

GalaxyStone comes in these colors plus a Tint Base:

I always try products in a real world project so for GalaxyStone I used it to create an Ombre effect on large wall at the FE Dallas Studio. The wall already had a pretty textured Palette Deco™ in Pearl.

I began the finish by rolling the wall 2/3 of the wall up with the GalaxyStone in Black.
The bottom 1/3 has a second coat of the black color. As I worked up the wall I rolled GalaxyStone in Charcoal.

As I got to the top 1/4 of the wall, I rolled in the Galaxy Stone Tint Base.  This layer I sprayed heavily with water to create runs and drips.

You may create more sparkle with GalaxyStone by using the Galaxy Glitter (you can really see it in the ceiling dome finish).
The Galaxy Glitter comes in Silver, Black and Clear.  I used some of the Silver for my project. I just added a bit to my Charcoal layer which I rolled and compressed with Leon Neon to lay the glitter flat.

I thinned my Charcoal and Tint Base GalaxyStone colors with water for this application.  My coverage was 200 square feet for a gallon and 75square feet for a quart (it comes in both sizes). And it took about 40 minutes to dry between layers. I would allow at least an hour between coats. 

One of my newest favorite 2-step applications is to apply GalaxyStone over 
NĂ¼Villa™ plaster.  I shape the plaster in Pewter with a trowel for interest. Dry. Then I trowel Galaxy Stone over the top. You will get tiny horizontal lines if you pull tightly-but I like them as it adds to the finish. To avoid them, just don't scrape the blade edge so tightly.  

I used GalaxyStone Black and added Rich Silver MetalGlow® to it as I worked my way up the wall  The bottom 1/3 has the Silver Galaxy Glitter. The version below uses GalaxyStone Black mixed with SetCoat Metallic­® in Bronze working it into the top 1/4 which is the GalaxyStone Tint Base. I admit I'm a bit obsessed with the Ombre Wall Trend!

And there you go! Super Easy and Super Flexible. And on Sale.

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