Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Decorative Artists Pantry: Some Cabinet Staples

What trend am I most excited about? The return of color to the kitchen! Interior Design Magazines and sites such as Houzz all list a return to wood look cabinets with tones from Greige to Ebony. And now we may mix metallic finishes such as silver metallic cabinets with brushed brass hardware.

The trend in painted finishes is rich, rich, rich...think Teal, Navy, and Green.  White looks fresh and always in style but it is nice to some diversity. And what great news for the finishing community!

As with walls, at Faux Effects International ™
 we have a range of cabinet and furniture products.

Since our Happy New Year Silver Label Sale is ending tomorrow, my suggestions are all Silver Label Cabinet products.  What's the difference between Silver and Gold Label?  Gold Label products have properties such as timing that are more easily understood by experiencing in a class. There is no difference in quality.

Setcoat® Metallics
 in Black and Gun Metal. 

These 2 colors are fantastic base colors for cabinets. For metallic paints, they both roll out well and offer opaque coverage. I use a small fuzzy roller (verses a foam one) to apply and pounce with a Leon Neon or Stippler Brush to minimize lap lines.  Both also spray well. In addition to cabinets, these metallic colors are useful for tinting wall products or using over stencils for patterns.

Setcoat®Metallic in Gun Metal with glazes in Alice Blue MetalGlow® and Ebony Stain & Seal ™

Black Metallic Setcoat™ with Vandyke Stain & Seal®

Setcoat® Metallic Navy

Want to give the deep jewel tone cabinetry trend a try?  Then check out this other Setcoat Metallic in Navy.  I recently mixed it with Black Setcoat for this traditional kitchen island.  The Navy gave a pretty glow and shade with the Black Setcoat setting the metallic back a bit. The finish is glazed with Ebony Stain & Seal.

The non-metallic Setcoat color I always keep in stock is Royal Taupe.   

Setcoat® in Royal Taupe

I have waxed poetic on my love of this color. It is the perfect mushroom tone with just the right notes of grey and brown.  It is wonderful on it's own as a base. The sample below has Silver and Van Dyke Stain & Seal colors over Royal Taupe.

 But it mixes especially well other Setcoat and Metallic Setcoat colors to get the most popular grey toned colors.  Need convincing? These samples all use Royal Taupe in the base mix!

With grey still trending strong, why not try the two new Setcoat colors of Charcoal and Gravel Grey?

Setcoat® Charcoal

Setcoat® Gravel Grey

Setcoat® Charcoal Base with Pickling White and American Walnut Stain & Seal™

Setcoat® Gravel Grey with Pickling White and American Walnut Stain & Seal™

Need to stock some Stain & Seal™ colors?  I've written in a previous blog about how much I love this palette of blues and Pickling White:

My other go-to colors are: 
Ebony Stain & Seal™
Rich Brown Stain & Seal™

With the trend toward natural looking stains on raw white Oak (my biggest request for cabinets last year), I use a lot of Honey Pine Stain & Seal:

Honey Pine Stain & Seal™

A first of the year sale is also a good time to stock up on glazing mediums.  I like FXThinner™ because it dries so hard and allows me to progress more quickly with my cabinet projects. Other people like the build of Aquacreme™

We have several topcoats for cabinetry and furniture with each having specific properties. But for overall appearance and ease of application, I like to use Varnish Plus™ in the Satin Finish.  This is a water-based pre-catalyzed conversion varnish that may be rolled, brushed or sprayed (thin up to 20% with water). Apply the 2nd coat within 4hours or wait 48 hours to recoat.  I let my 2coats dry well over-night before flipping doors to topcoat the other side.

Whew! This should get your cabinet product pantry stocked for the new year! 

Our Silver Label Sales ends at Midnight (EST) on January 10th. Don't forget to enter coupon code N2018Y at checkout. The sale excludes Tools, Foils, Stencils/Imprints, Books and Supplies. You may visit: www.fauxfx.com or Check with your favorite Faux Effects' studio for participation and product availability.



  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Love reading through your blog and being inspired. I had a question. On the examples of trim you show with the base of setcoat charcoal with pickling white and American walnut stain and seal...is that bottom color done by all three being used, or is it setcoat charcoal with American walnut stain and seal alone? Wasn't sure if you layer all of them to achieve that color? Thank you in advance! Love seeing all the products and effects :-)

    1. I think you are talking about the trim piece with the 3 layers shown? The base is Charcoal. Then I stria the pickling white on top. Then the American Walnut is glazed on top. Each layer is dried in between.